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Total Security Software

Renew Total Security

Your Total Security Renewal Includes:

  • Free Technical Support from PCSecurityShield
  • One Year of Virus Definitions
  • Virus Engine Updates
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Windows 8 Ready
  • Renew 1 User for 1 Year
  • Renew 3 Users for 1 Year
  • Renew 5 Users for 1 Year
  • Renew 10 Users for 1 Year
Only $89.99

Why should I renew my security software?

When you purchase antivirus software it comes with 1 year of updates, which are actually the latest virus protections. Since there are an average of 40 new viruses released every day, if your virus protection expires, you are not protected against all the NEW viruses.