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What Customers Say About PCSecurityShield

  • This is to inform you of the superb service I received today. I called to report that I noticed my computer has been running a lot slower since I installed the Security Shield a few weeks ago. Your tech took time to help me find the problem, and fix the problem (deleting files I don't use). He was very polite, patient, precise, and kept a very pleasant voice. He never seemed annoyed when I was a little slow following his instructions. The service I received today reminded me of years ago when customer service was truly customer service. It is so hard to get good help like I received today. GREAT WORK!! I AM A SATISFIED PCSECURITYSHIELD CUSTOMER!!!!!!! Thank you for having such excellent employees. - Marjorie
  • Thank you very much for your help. Your customer service receives an A+ rating from me for all your polite help. - Laszlo T
  • I love it... ran PC Tools Registry Mechanic first, then your product... it found 31 additional errors.... ok I'm in - Steve
  • I recently purchased Security Shield and found it not only easy to install and set up, but thorough and aggressive in its protection. When I hit a snag with some files left over by a former anti-virus, Customer Support helped me clean my computer up so everything would work properly. I am very pleased with the products and support I have encountered so far and highly recommend them to any web surfer, novice or advanced. - Patrick
  • I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding product. I had Norton Internet Security installed and it caused nothing but problems and the Internet slowed to a crawl. I blew it away and installed your product. All is fine. Thanks again. - Bill
  • Just want you to know that so far I am very impressed with your product. Although not computer illiterate by any means, I am not very computer savvy either and while it seems software is becoming more complicated and thorough instructions harder to come by, your company has invested where it really counts. "US-based" customer support and assistance at no cost. I was able to transfer from McAfee very easily within an hour or so because your instructions were very detailed and clear, and so far I like the fact that I'm not spammed to death like McAfee was doing with their product ads, which they told me I could not disable. That was one reason I left them. I will recommend your products to anyone looking for a new virus protection company - Jamie
  • I just wanted to commend you for your excellent virus protection! Security Shield is the best EVER! Norton's and McAfees couldn't dream of competing with not only the quality software you've provided but also your Class A customer care and service! Top shelf!! - George M
  • I am writing to compliment you on your staff of technicians. I signed up with your Shield Deluxe program and had problems getting it started so I decided to get your technical staff to find and delete any files of that program and then cancel my account. But then I found my computer in the hands of two technicians, and I must tell you that they could not have been more knowledgeable, more dedicated, and more efficient. They straightened out the situation and the anti virus program and my computer are working beautifully, to my delight. So, I am writing to commend them to you and to thank all of you for introducing me to this exciting anti virus program. - Walter
  • I want to thank you sincerely for your help today and for your obvious high regard for customer service. It is all too often companies do not listen to their customers, hence dissatisfaction. Because of your prompt attention and resolution to my concern I will continue to use PC Security Shield with confidence, knowing if I should have any further concerns they will be handled in a courteous, professional manner. Thank you again. - Sandra
  • Thank you.... so far my experience with your customer service has been wonderful. The reason I quit using McAfee was because of their terrible customer service. Their product was excellent.... but without customer service.... they miss the most important part!! Your product seems to be operating perfectly. - Michael C
  • Thank you! Your support tech called me today and was a total dream! He totally fixed my computer and helped me to get the antivirus software up and running. He was extremely professional, knowledgable and patient. I told him that he deserved a raise :) - Marcy
  • Dear PC Security Shield family: Took a chance...and signed up for two years of your antivirus and firewall protection. Am a disabled former Marine and computer important to me. I was greatly surprised at the professional excellence and outstanding performance of your product. I have enormous respect for people and products that are simply very, very good at what they do. In my situation I need personal help that I can count on. Thank you for the great relationship. Semper Fi - Frank
  • I have succesfuly downladed the Security Shield....thanks to the help of one of your service people, he was great in explaning to me what to do, very patient....as I am not too good at this computer stuff...you know the old saying about...old dogs-new tricks!!!! he should be commended for helping me out! - Richard
  • I love PCSS and have been using it for about 1.5 years. Thanks for all your info. These days, when a software company actually allows direct communication with the customer, that's rare and a mark of a caring company. Keep up the good work and products and thanks again - Ralph
  • I wish to express my overwhelming satisfaction on my recent purchase of Shield Deluxe. In the past I have used Norton, AVG, McAfee, etc. I noticed with these programs, a couple viruses along with a few spyware files were getting past them onto my computer. I decided to do some research by reviewing the top ten rated Antivirus programs. PCSecurityShield was ranked number one. I purchased Shield Deluxe and installed it. It cleaned up my computer and kept it virus/spyware free. I very recently renewed Shield Deluxe. Just when you thought the best couldn't get any better.. it did! I am thoroughly pleased and impressed with Shield Deluxe. To everyone shopping for a very good antivirus/spyware program.look no more. Get this! You will not regret it one bit. Thank you PCSecurityShield for yet another awesome antivirus program. Sincerely, Dennis - Dennis Hootman
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new Security Shield. After uninstalling Norton Internet security. I installed Security Shield, and it found 13 viruses right of the bat. Awesome! - Kerry
  • Hello, I just want to thank your technitions for the help in setting up my Shield Deluxe. You made the transition so smooth from norton and your people are knoledgeable and friendly... I thank you again the system is working just fine... - Jeff M
  • I am a computer network admin I wanted to comment on how wonderful this product is. I did my homework for a few days on a good product, Security Shield uses low resources and is easy and effective to use. I recommend this over Symantec (Norton), Mcafee. It is easy effective and catches everything. The Event Scheduler is easy to use and nice to have. With free tech support for the novice is awesome, but the software is so easy you dont need a tech support tech. Thank You for a good product. - Scott M
  • Your technical support person was fantastic. He spent all the time with me that I needed to make it work, including sending me a disc and re-issuing my license key. He was not only patient, but knowledgeable and courteous. You are lucky to have this employee... I so appreciate him helping a "non-techie" person to get back on track!!! Your product is great... thanks for the personal support needed. - Sharon
  • I decided to uninstall Norton which came with my machine when I bought it, and install McAfee which wasn't going to be an easy experience. I knew Norton had horrible support and I was to learn that McAfee was just as bad, but thanks to your tech it all worked out in the end. She helped me to totally remove Norton from my system for which I'm very thankful. Norton came with my system and they hid files everywhere but she wouldn't give up and helped me to remove everyone of them, which allowed me to install your program. Your tech did a wonderful job and please thank her for me. Robert
  • This is not a complaint or a problem rather a short note to compliment one of your employees on his ability to help me with an installation problem I had. I had called at about 7:45 p.m. with a problem. Your tech was very knowledgeable and responsive to any and all questions. He patiently went through the whole program and was able to correct my problem and re-install the program. I feel your employees are a credit to you and your department. Thank you - Charles C
  • I have had Shield Deluxe for 3-years as of this year and let me tell you that it is the best anti virus on the market today especially for lap tops i did alot of research before getting it and it was rated #1 for laptops on the Internet. It works very well and has caught several Trojan Viruses and stopped them dead in their tracks. I would recommend it for everyone who owns a laptop. The new version has alot of other functions like watching my back so no one can steal my passwords and vital info, I love that about the product big time. Thank you very much for making a great product with great customer service, I will be a satisfied customer for several years to come. Thank you. - Aaron Watson
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